Three of the Hottest Piercing Trends

Body piercings are growing in popularity. They are becoming unique fashion statements for some, and symbols of self-expression for others. Whatever your motivations for getting pierced, you may be interested in one of these three current piercing trends:

dermals 1. Microdermal Piercings
Microdermal piercings, commonly referred to as dermals, are single point piercings that are installed on flat surfaces of the body like the lower back, neck, wrists, or face. These piercings can be done either with a needle or a dermal punch and require specific aftercare as they may take a little longer to heal. While your piercing is healing, it is important to make sure you avoid moving the piercing or accidentally pulling it out. Take extra care with clothes or towels as the piercing could get caught. For these types of piercings, titanium jewelry is recommended. Titanium is typically used in medical procedures, as it has a low potential of being rejected by the body.

Microdermal piercings are stylish and fashionable, and they tend to be very popular with women in particular. It’s easy to match other jewelry with these piercings and there are so many options when it comes to dermals, they are an excellent choice for self-expression.

stretched_labret2. Stretched Labret
Labrets and other oral piercings are becoming very common in the body modification community. It is essential to make sure you follow the correct procedures when stretching your labret piercing. Otherwise, you may be in danger of experiencing tooth damage, gum erosion, or worse. It’s important to find an experienced artist who can give you the proper information regarding healing and will be able to recognize any issues you might have. It’s also important that you get body jewelry that is the correct size and fits properly for your unique piercing – this is another way to prevent gum or tooth damage.

Stretching a labret is a much more involved process than that of stretching or gauging an earlobe. The labret piercing takes longer to heal than the earlobe so make sure you have waited an appropriate amount of time to start stretching your piercing. This may be 8 to 12 months depending on the person. Speak to a qualified piercer for additional instructions specific to your piercing.

multiple_ear_piercing3. Multiple Ear Piercings
It is becoming increasingly popular get multiple ear piercings. This does not simply include the traditional earlobe piercing, but also a tragus piercing, a conch piercing or an industrial piercing. These are both stylish and trendy options because you can find different jewelry pieces that will complement each other and allow you a way to express your own unique sense of style.

These piercings are great because there are so many different combinations so you can create a unique look for you. These piercings are also good for people who are new to body modifications and piercings.

These are three different piercings that are creating a lot of buzz in the modification community lately. If you are interested in getting any of these piercings, come in and visit us at Kolo Piercing. You can also check out our website for a wide variety of body jewelry to fit your unique piercing needs.