Dermal After Care

Conditions of Use
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Dermal Piercing Care

Dermal Body Piercing Aftercare


· Non-irritating, mild liquid or foam antimicrobial soap. (H20cean blue/green foam soap is recommended) Do not use Hibiclens
· Sea Salt or H20cean Sea Salt Spray (table salt will work as a temporary substitute. Do not use Epsom salt.)
· Distilled or filtered water

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· During the first month do not move the jewelry. During this initial healing period clean around the piercing only in the shower after you have done your normal bathing routine. Do not clean the piercing at the sink. First clean your hands with antimicrobial soap. Let the shower water dissolve any crusty matter (usually lymph tissue). Lather antimicrobial soap around both sides of the piercing and rinse area.
· After the first month you will continue to clean the piercing in the same manner, only you may now gently work the soap into the piercing (a ring should be rocked back and forth, a barbell should be moved up and down). If the jewelry does not move easily do not force this movement. Thoroughly rinse all soap from the piercing.
· Once a day, starting immediately, soak your piercing in a saltwater solution. Place 8 ounces (1 cup) of warm distilled water in a bowl or cup (do not use cotton balls or q-tips). Dissolve 1/4“ teaspoon of sea salt into the water. Cover piercing with the bowl or cup containing the saltwater solution. Soak for 10 minutes. Rinse the piercing with fresh distilled water. Continue the saltwater soaks for the full healing period.
· It is extremely important that you measure the salt and the water so that the solution is proportionally correct!!!
· You can also add two tablespoons of sea salt into one gallon of distilled water and pour the solution into a cup or bowl as needed. The solution should be shaken before every use and refrigerated when it is not being used.
· If you find that you are not going to do the salt water soaks you may use H20cean salt water spray as a substitute. Spray the piercing site 2-3 times a day, one of those times being immediately after a shower.


· Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointments, betadine or iodine, hibiclens, ear care solution or bactine, or any other first aid product.
· Do not touch your piercing unless you are cleaning it in the shower.
· Do not use a wash cloth or loofah anywhere near your piercing.
· Avoid picking at or playing with a new piercing. Try not to hit, pull, or snag the piercing. Avoid clothes that sit tight against a new piercing. Irritation and infection can possibly occur.
· Avoid swimming in lakes, pools, rivers, etc.
· Do not remove the jewelry from the piercing until fully healed. If the jewelry is left out, the piercing will shrink or close.
· If the jewelry has screw on balls or beads (i.e. barbell) check and make sure the beads remain tight on the jewelry. This is best done after cleaning when hands and jewelry are dry.
· Do not over clean the piercing.
· Do not stop cleaning the piercing before it is healed. If a piercing should appear to be rejecting or growing out please colsult us to determine an appropriate course of action.

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