Conditions of Use
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Water Buffalo Horn: Frequently Asked Questions

We do not accept any organic jewelry (horn) back unless jewelry is damaged in shipping or there is an error on our part with your order.

· Collected from various islands of Indonesia: Sumba, Sumbawa, Java, Sumatra, Lombok, & Suluwsi. The horn is primarily black in color. Variations of color include golden, red, tortoise-color, and occasional white “shocks”, streaks, and opalized effects. The Water Buffalo is a member of the Bovine family. It has a fairly short lifespan. The horn material is relatively abundant. The Water Buffalo’s lives are not taken in pursuit of the horn. In this region of the world, the Water Buffalo is quite often regarded as sacred. When the animal dies or is sacrificed, the entire animal is utilized. This material is becoming scarcer.

· Small (14g-8g) ornate horn pieces are extremely fragile, however all horn jewelry should be worn with the utmost care. We do not recommend wearing horn jewelry to bed, or while doing any physically strenuous activities.

· Horn jewelry is only listed up to 5/8”, but if you find a design that you would like in a bigger size, please let us know and we will see what we can do.

· There is no guarantee that the design and size you like will be in stock, so we recommend that with your purchase you include a second and third option in the comments box if you want to receive horn jewelry rapidly. If you list alternative jewelry options please list the title of the jewelry exactly as it is listed online as well as the size you would like to receive. We will contact you to let you know what is readily available out of the options you’ve selected.

Care Instructions

· Do Not Autoclave.
· Do not soak in anything, including water.
· Clean Before wearing. Use antibacterial soap and water. Rinse and dry immediately after washing.
· Do not leave in direct sunlight for extended periods.
· Do not store in extreme temperatures or the bathroom.
· Remove jewelry before bathing or swimming as this can cause premature drying and cracking.
· Recommended for healed piercings only. Not recommended for stretching piercings.
· Recondition once a month with natural oil. We recommend coconut oil.

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