Taper Kit with Titanium Eyelets [8g - 1/2"]

By: Anatometal
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Implant Grade Surgical Stainless Steel Taper Pins with Implant Grade Titanium Single Flared Eyelets.
Kit includes 8 taper pins.
8 gauge tapers through 1/2" tapers are 2" in length.
Eyelets come with clear rubber o-rings to be worn on the backs of the plugs.
Please specify the anodized colors you wish to receive with your eyelets for each size.
This taper kit offers a 20% DISCOUNT off of the normal price of the titanium eyelets!!

For more information on Titanium please go to the TITANIUM FAQ section of our website.


For information on stretching your piercings please go to the STRETCHING FAQ section of our website.

Available Options:
0 Gauge Color:
00 Gauge Color:
1/2" Color:
2 Gauge Color:
4 Gauge Color:
6 Gauge Color:
7/16" Color:
8 Gauge Color:
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