Walrus Jawbone Skull

By: Safe Products
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These aren't plugs, and you can't really put them into any piercings, but who wouldn't want a fossilized ivory skull?!

These come in a large variety of sizes, so please refer to the codes and approximate measurement charts (W - Width, L - Length, H - Height) to find the one you would like!

Listed size is for the smallest skull available. The price increases with the size that you choose.

S1 - 9/16"W x 15/16"L x 3/4"H
S2 - 11/16"W x 1 1/16"L x 3/4"H
S3 - 3/4"W x 1 1/8"L x 7/8"H
M1 - 3/4"W x 1 1/8"L x 15/16"H
M2 - 3/4"W x 1 1/8"L x 1"H
M3 - 7/8"W x 1 1/4"L x 1 1/8"H
L1 - 1 3/16"W x 1 3/4"L x 1 1/2"H

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